European Commission DG Environment - 21 February 2019
  LEYAL recycles first ship under new EU ship recycling regulations (92kb .jpg)

TradeWinds - 20 February 2019
  Grieg Star recycles first ship under new EU regulations at LEYAL (520kb .pdf)

Lloyds Register Press Release - 13 December 2018
  Lloyds Register praises LEYAL for becoming the first non-European facility to go on the EU List (503kb .pdf)

LEYAL Press Release - 06 December 2018
  LEYAL becomes the first non-European ship recycling facility to join the EU List (289kb .pdf)

European Ship Recycling Regulation No. 1257/2013
  The European Commission publishes the EU-List of approved ship recycling facilities (477kb .pdf)

LEYAL Press Release - 20 June 2016
  LEYAL becomes the first ship recycling facility in Turkey Certified to the IMO Hong Kong Convention by Lloyd's Register (28kb .pdf)

TradeWinds - 13 February 2015
  Sustainalitics ranks Turkish breakes as "most responsible" (352kb .pdf)

UK Ministry of Defence - Press Release 10 September 2012
  Aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal awarded to LEYAL for recycling (69kb .pdf)

British Royal Navy - Global Force publication 2011/12
  Safe and environmentally sound recycling of decommisioned British Navy vessels at LEYAL (519kb .pdf)

Lloyd's List - 21 April 2011
  Aircraft carrier HMS Invincible arrives at LEYAL while Turkey shines out as green recycling pioneer (654kb .pdf)

BBC News - February 2011
  Aircraft carrier HMS Invincible awarded to LEYAL for recycling (92kb .pdf)

Sabah - February 2011
  Aircraft carrier HMS Invincible - Big achievement for Turkey (327kb .pdf)

BIMCO - September 2010
  LEYAL participating in the drafting of the new green BIMCO standard recycling contract (112kb .pdf)

Fairplay - 16 September 2010
  Turkey signs IMO Convention (413kb .pdf)

TradeWinds - 10 September 2010
  Turkey signs Hong Kong Convention (82kb .pdf)

IMO Secretariat Brief - 27 August 2010
  Turkey is the first major ship recycling country to sign the Ship Recycling Convention (119kb .pdf)

Recycling International - August 2010
  Ship Recycling in Turkey: A working compromise (1,579kb .pdf)

European Commission DG Environment Report on Ship Recycling - 2010
  List of Green and Safe Ship Dismantling Facilities_LEYAL (315kb .pdf)

Lloyd's List - 2 July 2010
  Turkey proves it is possible to clean up a dirty business (398kb .pdf)

TradeWinds - 12 February 2010
  Turkey now up to the mark on recycling (5,084kb .pdf)

Euronews - October 2009
  Euronews report from the recycling facility (17,432kb .avi)

Fairplay International Shipping Weekly - 6 August 2009
  Ahead of the curve (1,295kb .pdf)

Fairplay International Shipping Weekly - 23 April 2009
  The boom bypasses Turkey (1,050kb .pdf)

Fairplay International Shipping Weekly - 7 August 2008
  A better way to scrap (1,262kb .pdf)

Lloyd's List - 19 March 2008
  Turkey takes the lead on European ship recycling initiatives (252kb .pdf)

International Ship Recyclers Association (ISRA) - October 2007
  Press Release - Formation (73kb .pdf)
Lloyds List - Formation (249kb .pdf)
TradeWinds - Formation (111kb .pdf)

European Commission DG Environment Report on Ship Recycling - June 2007
  Ship Dismantling and Pre-cleaning of Ships_Turkey (112kb .pdf)

BIMCO Bulletin - Vol.101/No.4 - August 2006
  Ship scrapping in Turkey seen in a European context (640kb .pdf)

Lloyd's List - Letter to the Editor - 12 June 2006
  Talking Turkey on environmentally responsible approach to demolition (38kb .pdf)

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